riot 1.1.0

An R interface for popular tractography file formats.

connectome-valued functional data
data import

Department of Mathematics Jean Leray, UMR CNRS 6629


January 7, 2023


The riot (R Input/Output for Tractography) package provides an R interface for importing and exporting tractography data to and from R. Currently supported importing formats are:

The package reads tractography data into a tibble in which each row is a point characterized by at least the following five variables:

  • X, Y, Z: 3D coordinates of the current point;
  • PointId: Identification number of the current point among all points of the streamline it belongs to;
  • StreamlineId: Identification number of the streamline which the current point belongs to.

The points might also have attributes or a color assigned to them, in which case, additional variables will be properly created to import them as well. The user can perform statistical analysis on the point cloud and store any new variable that (s)he would deem to be useful as additional column of the tibble. The package also allows to write back the tibble, including all newly created attributes, into the following exporting formats:

  • native VTK .vtk and .vtp files; or,
  • medInria .fds files.


In this minor release, we:

  • Update VTK to v9.2.4;
  • Avoid some prototype checks for vtkzlib when using LLVM Clang compiler.


You can install the package directly from CRAN:


or you can choose to install the development version from GitHub:

# install.packages("remotes")

The package has its own webpage: